Why does this POS crash more then it works?

More specifically, the Ark Dev Kit.

For every ten minutes i get actually working on my mods, i have to endure about an hour of it not opening or freezing.

Spend an hour verifying, it works for ten mins… Freeze or crash.

I’m amazed anyone has ever gotten anything made with this engine.

Sorry to hear about your issue. Only time mine seems to crash is when I do something wrong like forget to make sure the AnimBP is still ref’d when making a new weapon. Other than that it works fine. Make sure you have the latest binaries from github

Yeah I’ve had crashes when renaming items (randomly), compiling graphs (crashes about a static mesh, when all I did was code >.>) and like P0k3r’s anim issue, changing the Mesh for a weapons sometimes clears out the anim reference, which crashes the kit when you try to use said weapon

The Dev Kit crashes for me all the time. In fact it just crashed now, so I came here, lol. For me, opening a file can cause a crash, or when closing down.

Hey there, not sure who would program a Point of Sale system in Unreal, but let me see if I can help.

Can you replicate any instances of your crash, give us a break down of what you are doing when it’s happening? Perhaps an error dump?

My dev kit rarely crashes maybe once or twice per 2 weeks, but i also only make a map and dont open or modify items or blueprints, dunno if thats when it crashes for you guys but for map making its pretty stable