Why does this happen with Unreal Engine 4?

Unfortunately I can not open no free example assets, except start first, third person view… When I try to open any project which is downloaded from the store, I have to wait 40 minutes for the loading process. And even if it passes successfully, textures and effects are not loaded. Or PC freezes in loading process.

In the latest version of Unity I can open any project from assets store and everything works pretty fast without any delays. I think I like blueprints system, light, shadows and particle system in Unreal Engine 4. And it’s easier to use than Unity.

Book of the Dead in Unity this is a fairly large location with a realistic forest I have not experienced any problems with it. But for example Epic Zen Garden in Unreal Engine 4, it could not even load, freezes in loading process.

I’m working on new Mac Mini not on my PC. Yes, I have an old PC but did not think that everything would be so bad with Unreal Engine 4. My PC: Windows 10 Pro, Intel Core 2 Duo, 8GB Ram, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560.

I think you are a bit below the recommended specs there brother

CPU and graphics upgrade probably required for your PC

And I think you have absolutely no hope with the mac mini. That only has integrated graphics and 2 cores.

yep quadcore is min spec hence why your taking so long to build. they recommend a gtx 470 but the recommendation was written many versions ago, with any recent build i wouldnt use any less than a 750ti.