Why does the "UE4Editor-Cmd.exe" process remains after closing the editor?

Even after closing the launcher.
I can stop the process manually with Task Manager, but will doing that negatively impact the last project I was working on? will leaving it running impact the Editor when I launch it?

It is still using RAM, but it isn’t using the CPU.
But it is bugging me and Im worried if it stacks, or messes with the next time I load up the Editor…

Hi ,

Unfortunately I have been unable to reproduce your problem here. Would you mind providing your dxdiag and some repro steps so we can better assist you? Does this only happen on certain projects or every time you close the editor down?

Thank you and have a great day!

It doesn’t happen every time, though it does happen frequently.
I don’t use dxdiag often(or in recent memory in fact).
Do I need to use it after it happens, or is it just a general log?

No, the dxdiag you can get by running dxdiag in your command prompt. This will show your specs which you can save to a file and post on here.

Ah. Ok I have uploaded the dxdiag.

link text

Hi ,

Unfortunately it looks like your graphics card needs to be updated to meet the minimum recommended specs. The 4800 series has been out since 2008 and is not ideal for running Unreal Engine 4 as these cards do not support DirectX 11. Thank you and have a great day!

hmm… Ill assume this will have an impact on certain visuals in my project, but aside from that will it prevent me from continuing development?

I will probably upgrade at some point tho. Thank you for your time.