Why does the Today's Posts link disappear if you're logged in the forums

I use it often, and everytime I gotta open an incognito page to check it out. < not there if you’re logged in.

Just found it bizzare :slight_smile:

The solution is to bookmark that link in the browser when logged out, or just stay logged out as that has the advantage of being able to view Answerhub / Issues more reliably. As regards Epic doing anything about it? Good luck with that. Lots of things are broken on the forums (the sort by field in the advanced search is fubar when a username is used). But Epic are never going to fix any of this. Why? Read here. Basically Epic DGAF. Its UDN or nothing. Welcome to the post apocalyptic ghetto. :stuck_out_tongue: Who knows maybe something new will come out of UE5, but who knows as Epic never say anything anymore. :wink:

Coming from the unity forums, yup, I noticed this place is deserted. Which is annoying since I’ve come from unity, although I love both engines, unreal is looking a lot better for many reasons.
But the forums feel so lackluster. I’ve heard the staff/devs used to be very active years ago, but now with fortnite’s success and AAA explosion on unreal, they use indie devs for marketing and moral high-ground but don’t actually care about them. The fact the marketplace doesn’t have a sorter by Sales/revenue is ANNOYING. It’s ridiculously HARD to find quality assets because you have to go through 50000 PAGES. Compared to unity’s marketplace. I don’t care if someone doesn’t find sales a good criteria for quality, the fact is it works on unity. really annoying.

Unity’s staff are more active on the forums. To be honest though, they’re the exact same. “We heard your feedback, it means so much, we are discussing this and will come up with XXX” – 3 months later, nothing. You ping them, 2 months later they reply promising this and that, 10 months later, nothing.

It happened so many times i literally lost count. If anything in the world is valueless, it has to be there word when it comes to anything unity.
Man, I could rant for years about unity past and current state but I’ll stop here.
At least epic games has a tech CEO. Even though I disagree with all the moral high-ground PR stuff.

yeah its hard to take the opinions of a billionaire seriously when hes talking about anti consumerism and getting on his high horse about apple…who he signed a deal with knowing the terms…but then went ahead and broke them anyway. What a hero of morality…

the forum is a total waste of time these days. From both sides, epic never bother looking anymore, the community manager exists just to present streams that no one cares about. And on the other side the amount of questions that are so basic and could easily have been answered by googling it, its just so lazy that the more experienced people give up helping anyone as they are sick of answering the same questions over and over again.

The amount of times you see a question and think…why are you even attempting that when you dont know the basics. No ones going to help you as the effort of explaining all the things you should know before attempting that is to much effort, end up stuck in an endless loop of annoying questions.

unfortunately games are very like films in that people think just cause they’ve played/watched so many of them they are an expert. They’ve got multi million pound ideas…just they need someone to make it for them…as obviously the ideas guy doesnt actually need to have any technical knowledge himself…

I have to agree with the community manager part. That’s quite literally all I’ve seen them do, it’s almost like they don’t exist on the forums.
Unfortunately discord and the other ways of communicating don’t feel the same to me. I use them, but the forums can get a nice discussion going on. Things that are hard to find on discord.

**The community manager does some things right though. I have to say some streams are nice. **Even if they’re a mess in terms of information, it’s nice hearing someone at epic that holds a senior engineer role, or the network lead engineer talk about things. I wish other engines did the same. And deep behind the scene look into successful games and how they use the engine is also nice.

The whole fortnite thing is a complete joke, I won’t even go there. Unity’s CEO isn’t any better though. Here, a quote:

Hopefully UE5 gets the forums active and the staff more alive.