Why does the SSR quality resets itself after restart?

I noticed that after I restart the editor, the SSR quality resets itself and I have to manually re-enter the console command: r.SSR.Quality 100 in order to get the best quality, although I have already set it to 100 in the post process volume as well as in the DefaultEngine.ini of the project.

Hi The_Distiller,

Could you please post your dxdiag so we can assess what may be occurring. Further, if you could provide a screenshot that may help us to identify your specific concerns. Thank you and have a great day!

There you go.

And the dxdiag.

link text

Hi The_Distiller;

Have you tried to insert a PostProcessVolume in your level ( if its not there ) and change SSR Quality on there?

Yes I did.

Well, this is not a fix but you can create a level blueprint to config SSR quality to 100 every time the level is loaded.

The SSR quality in the post process setting is currently a max for the cvar. The max cvar value is 4 which translates to 100%. You can change the default for that cvar in the BaseScalability.ini. In the future I plan to make the post process setting a bias instead of a max. That way the artist can say I want one or two steps more or less from what the machine scalability says it can handle. SSR quality 4 is really heavy for instance. Also glossy SSR is an in progress feature so hopefully high quality can be achieved at lower system specs.

Changing the cvar in the BaseScalability.ini did the trick, thanks!

Please; can you tell how to create that level blueprint…? Thanks