Why does the second gamepad input stop working when I hit F11 / Full screen the editor after hitting play?

Anyone know? thanks.

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You could try to run the console command in a blueprint that sets the viewport as full screen, so you don’t have to run any Engine functionality that could interfere with your code.

Tapping F11 may run Engine code that resets all controllers to just one port (as a part of the expansion sequence). Could be an oversight. Who knows how they programmed it.

Maybe put it on a timer. Up to you.

It reminds me of the situation where someone wanted to set the ESC key as a key to open their In-Game menu, but it would just exit out of the Play Mode instead.

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I went to that link and that seems pretty cool but I can’t get it to work. Thanks for trying to help me though :slight_smile:

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This is weird and annoying.

Does the control scheme work in a packaged version of the game?

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I dunno, I have never got that far yet lol.

I’m guessing its an “input focus” thing. F11 might be setting focus back to the editor. Does the gamepad start working again if you click into the game again?

You should try it (packaging) so you’re 100% sure that it’s not an issue on your end.

MSTORER3772 reiterated what I already said, though their suggestion to click back into the game is something that I assumed you already did.

You did that… RIGHT!?

If so, packaging the game is the only way to really access what’s going on. If it works full-screen in your package, then it almost certainly is a bug/quirk of Unreal. If it doesn’t, then there’s probably a box somewhere you have to tick.

Sorry about that.

From the comments above, its clear some devs don’t get how serious this is… It breaks the whole editor. The bug goes back to 4.27 at least (4.18 was ok iirc, so its probably a regression from 4.25 / 4.26 / 4.27)… But its a big problem, because you can’t BREAKPOINT DEBUG code for players with Player_Index > 0 without having the whole split-screen system break completely. So yes clicking back on the game viewport window makes Player_Index_0 (Player1) code work again, but input for all the other players is dead. @usa423 - Which version(s) of UE are you using???

5.4.1. What you say is very disturbing news. I don’t get the player controllers but have figured out how to do 2 player simultaneous (Beat Em Up), the problem was the device 01 or player 2 input stopping when full screened. So that has not been patched since 4.27 wow.