Why does the player resuscitates?

Hi guys, I need your help.

I have some troubles with the AnimGraph. I’ve created a new slot named “Die”, to make the player dies.
But the problem is that after the death animation, the player resuscitates ^^

AnimGraph : Screenshot by Lightshot
EventGraph : Screenshot by Lightshot
Function : Screenshot by Lightshot

YouTube link : - YouTube

Why does the player resuscitates ?

I think the problem is the AnimGraph.


Well thanks for your answer :slight_smile:
I understand what you mean, but how can I kill the player without destroy the skeletal mesh ?

I dont see you “Killing” the player? you just play a die animation, at the end of which it will go back to the default idle animation.

You could pause the animation at the end and then remove the controller from the character, so they can no longer move.

Stopping the animation at the end: Stop animation at end - Character & Animation - Epic Developer Community Forums
Put this in your characters BP to remove the controller: http://i.imgur.com/JunQb9m.png

Ok thanks ! I’ve found a way to not destroy the skeletal mesh : Screenshot by Lightshot

But the problem is the death animation. It doesn’t looping : Screenshot by Lightshot (look at the ‘Loop count’ on right)

@MrGrr is right, the player goes back to the default idle animation after the death animation. But how can I stop the default idle animation ?