Why does the opening door sequence I have suddenly revert back to its starting point after it completed?

When ever I test my an opening door animation sequence, the door suddenly reverts back to its original starting position once the animation’s over, and when I step off of the trigger the door then goes back to were it was when the opening animation sequence is over and goes through with the closing animation sequence. I can’t figure out why this is happening. Does anyone know why?

post your blueprint code or screenshot of it and maybe one of us can take a guess at it.
That will tell me more about whether it is how you handled your Timeline node, your triggering events, or if it was something else.

Here’s the blueprint for my opening door. Do you know what’s wrong with it?

Sorry for the delay - I lost this thread for a time.
Your screenshot doesnt show any obvious problems but I wonder if the door is triggering the box overlap when it starts to open or close, and not just the player character triggering it, so it could end up doing the opposite thing at the wrong time that way? Right now you have the overlap event accepting all actor overlaps as long as their collision channels match and they generate overlap events. If the door actor matches those criteria then it could cause misfires of the door trigger volume.

Could you check on the collision channels and types set on the door and the trigger volume, and also see if their placement by each other could cause the scenario I described as the door moves?