why does the new version of UE5 have such a terrible interface

why does the new version of UE5 have such a terrible interface.terrible small and gray icons.I was looking for a program with a normal interface and found the UE4 version. But the way the UE5 appearance is made is terrible. The developers followed the path of following the general trend and fashion and made everything extremely inconvenient. It’s horrible. Please return the old interface. And then you will have to look for some other programs. I don’t want to work in UE5 in advance and even open it. One disappointment


I know this is an old post, but you can revert the Unreal Engine 5 UI back to UE4 in Window->Load Layout->UE4 Classic Layout. Regardless, I have found the modern layout to be more effective at conserving screen space.

The positioning, sizing, etc of things isn’t the issue. Anyone who spends even 5 seconds in the interface can see they can move stuff around. The thing you can’t apparently do is change the actual DESIGN of it. Selecting “UE4 Classic Layout” does not change the design of it, only brings you back to the default UE5 Layout (dunno why they call it UE4 Classic if it’s only similarity is the layout positions of windows).

The issue is the toolbars themselves are designed differently. I, too, am bothered by it. At the very LEAST the main toolbar at the top, which used to have a Blueprints button that made it easy to access the Level Blueprint, was way better in UE4. UE5 doesn’t have an option like that, and from what I can see, has nowhere any mention of loading the level’s blueprint. How am I supposed to make stuff happen from the level’s event tick etc if I can’t even access the level’s blueprint?

Even the Unreal Engine 5 Documentation still shows Unreal Engine 4’s toolbar designs, as if they hadn’t changed it, while stating it’s Unreal Engine 5. See here if you don’t know what I mean:

The images there are all from UE4, but the page says UE5. I can’t see how that’s not a lie.

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I finally found what I was looking for, though the documentation was of no help.

tiny button

It’s under this tiny button, then selecting Open level Blueprint. These buttons need to be bigger or at least have some sort of text on them to tell you what they are for. Mousing over it, it says “List of world Blueprints available to the user for editing or creation.” which I thought was for just adding new blueprints based on defaults already created (as the other two buttons next to it are strictly just for that, creating new stuff). It took me actually looking in there reading everything before I found the mention of “Open Level Blueprint”

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The other replies didn’t seem to get what your complaint was really about. I think I do, at least. The tiny text-less grey buttons that don’t give you much of any idea of what they’re for are certainly an annoying “improvement” upon the original. Especially when the purpose of doing this new design is to save screen space, yet they wasted so much of the top toolbar space by having a bunch of empty grey space to the right of “Platforms” and left of “Settings”. They could have at LEAST still had those old buttons that had text under them telling you what they were for, but maybe just had the icon a bit smaller (still having the text though), as there’s LOTS of room for it.

In my case, this button here was a major thorn in my side for the longest time because it has no text and it’s mouse-over text isn’t very clear on what it’s for:
tiny button

Turns out, that’s the old “Blueprints” button they used to have, that UE5’s documentation STILL to this day shows (even though it’s nothing like that now):