Why does the light shafts looks so bad ?

I can only have light shafts in directional light and not in point and spot like i can have in UE3 and light shaft itself is barely noticeable .
In addition, there is this bloom, that honestly looks like **** .
UE3 lightshafts looks amazing compare to this !
Using UE 4.0.1 .

I dont know if you have already tried that, but just add a little bit fog, then they look much better. Just a extreme example -> in this case I have added too much fog: ^^

OMG I will try that thanks !

You just have to play around with the values from the fog and the lightshafts -> unfortunately I dont know exactly how/with which values I created that (I have done that some weeks ago :p)

I also get a nice bloom if i enable it in the GlobalPostProcessVolume, looks a lot better and not blinking, So basically light shafts are function of Fog, It looks a lot better now, Thanks again .