Why does the Launcher not recognize my symlink / junction folder?

I’ve been compiled the editor from sources into a folder called C:\UnrealEngine which is a junction points to D:\UnrealEngine .

Running the launcher marketplace however says theres not enough free space available to download and install. There is alot space on the physical drive.

My guess is it checks the available space using the assigned drive letter (in your case C) rather than full destination path.
Changing destination folders has been mentioned before and I think it will be included in one of the future releases.

EDIT: see this link

You could try changing the paths in registry. I found some under
HKLM\Software\EpicGames\Unreal Engine
Though I have no idea how it’s going to react to this :wink:

Glad it helped! :slight_smile:

That’s a good guess. It would explain a lot.
By following the links you provided i ended up trying to replace the symlink to a Junction, but its still a no go…

Does this issue been resolved?

Nice catch!

i’ve been updated the following values:
DesktopFolder to D:\Unreal\ (my own projects should be here)
INSTALLDIR to D:\UnrealEngine\

this is fixed the problem so running the UE4Editor now brings the launcher up and start to downloading into folders.