Why does the InputYawScale default to 2.5?

I am calling AddControllerYawInput(rotation) from my Character class, but it moved 2.5 times faster than I expected.

From the documentation:
Add input (affecting Yaw) to the Controller’s ControlRotation, if it is a local PlayerController.
This value is multiplied by the PlayerController’s InputYawScale value.

This InputYawScale has a default value of 2.5, why isn’t it 1.0?
The same question would apply to InputPitchScale, which has a default value of -2.5

I added a custom PlayerController to my game mode to be able to set it to 1.0.

Because 360°/2.5°=144,so I guess this is about 144fps.

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That’s some legacy stuff that shouldn’t even be used anymore but for some reason are activated by default. If you’re using the enhanced input system, in your project settings disable entirely the use of input scale, it leads to incomprehensible rotation bugs which doesn’t make any sense if you try to limit some rotation on you’re character and especially more of a pain if you only work with blueprint and do not go in the src code to check what’s going on. (I’ve spent way too much time trying stuff out only to realise this deprecated feature is active).

Scale the input using modifier with the enhanced input system, or straight out implement you’re own sensitivity system, and keep that scaling to 1.0.