Why does the Epic Games Launcher client never remember login information or device?

The checkboxes to keep my account logged-in and to remember my device are both checked every time that I log into the Epic Games Launcher. And yet every time I launch the EGL, I have to log-in and get a 2FA code again. I have lots of launchers and login-required programs on my PC, and EGL is the only one that doesn’t remember my login information.

Also, I’ve been waiting 10 minutes now to receive the 2FA code and still haven’t received it. I’ve tried cancelling the login and redoing it to get another 2FA key, and it still hasn’t arrived.

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I have unstable network sometimes and when it fails to connect and I try again it requires me to login with 2FA code. Super annoying. And go offline didn’t work last time I tried as it required me to go online to verify that I could play my downloaded games…