Why does the editor always cook all resources even if unreference?

Hey epic:

    Currently, i confused with launch function of editor,that is whatever what i did the program will always cook all resources of my project. I know the package project function of editor can improvement the holl flow with the correctly config file. but the launcher nerver works like package with same configuration file.

    I have debuged the launcher, it seems like it has the same workflow like package except the parameters is not  holl equal.

    I want to avoid lanucher program cooking all resources of my project for improvement the holl package and deployment progression speed. how can i do it?can anyone show me any nice tip? 


Hi Zql,
We had a pending issue open with editor exposing a map list for packaging. I believe this is what you need to avoid the content being cooked.

This allows you to setup a list of maps which the project uses, content which the maps reference will be included.
You can also setup directories of additional content which need to be packaged but isn’t referenced by the map some projects need to do this to support dynamic loading of content.
The new packaging settings are in 4.8.

We are still seeing this in 4.10 :frowning:
All maps are cooked even if a map list is specified on the command line.

Edit: We’re cooking for iOS. Here’s the command line:
…/Engine/Build/BatchFiles/RunUAT.sh BuildCookRun -project=Blah -cook -map=DefaultEmptyMap+MeadowMap -stage -archive -archivedirectory=/Users/UG_iMac/Packages/Blah -package -compressed -pak -clientconfig=Shipping -ue4exe=UE4Editor -prereqs -nodebuginfo -targetplatform=IOS -utf8output -nocompileeditor -nop4 -COOKCULTURES=en -clean -build -distribution

After running that we end up with an IPA pak with all our maps, not just the two specified on the command line.


I just packaged my project in 4.10 and selected the maps I wanted to include. None of the others were included. Could you please provide additional information, including any you may have?

Thank you!

My apologies.

Another member of our team had added a bunch of maps to the “AlwaysCookMaps” list without telling anyone.

Have you solved this by self?

Their resolution was that someone added a lot of maps to "AlwaysCookMaps’ list without telling anyone. They resolved their issue.

If this does not resolve your issue, please submit a new AnswerHub post for further assistance.