Why does the delay node stop my function from working?

Hello. Without the delay, the “Reduce Strength Boost” function works fine, but it’s instant and I need there to be a delay. But with the delay there, that function never works.

what happens when you try running with the delay there? also what do your functions look like just in case theres something in there.

With the delay, the boosted strength stays the same. Without it, the boosted strength goes down by 1 instantly.

im assuming that the graphs posted are in the consumable right. are you destroying the consumable before the delay has a chance to finish?

from what i can tell the script youve shown should work and you said it works without the delay so it should be working fine. there has to be something outside of whats shown here thats causing the issue hence why i asked about the actor being destroyed.

Ah, that was it! I was destroying the actor before the final function could go off.

I’ve changed some things and made the actor invisible with no collision and then set it to destroy 5 seconds later.

Thanks for your help. :slight_smile:

cool im glad you got it working.