Why does the Create Widget pin change when I reset my project?

I keep having an issue with one of the pins in the create widget node. I have a struct called “Slot Struct” and the pin keep changing to a “Fallback Struct Structure” every time I close and open the project I have a very tedious fix, but I’m hoping to find a more permanent one.

Step 1: Identify the problem
The slot contents are not the right data type.


Step 2: Change the class type


Step 3: Change the class type back to its original type


Stp 4: Reconnect the pins.


Is this a project created in a previous version and updated to 4.22?

I have a very tedious fix,

One thing that would fix it would be creating a new struct from scratch. But that usually means replacing it in 100 places…

I started the project in 4.22 not too long ago and the only thing I imported into it was images. This is the only point that seems to be having this issue. The pin just keeps disconnecting when I close and open the project.

I started the project in 4.22 not too
long ago

Then don’t hesitate, spend 30 mins redoing the struct and move on with the project.

Modifying referenced structs and them failing is a neverending story, unfortunately.

One thing you could try before you move on:

  • add a new var to the struct, save it
  • resist hitting that temping Compile Button
  • close the project, don’t compile, reject any prompts, don’t save anything else at this pont
  • open the project again and see if it worked