Why does the contains note (for arrays) show true, even if the array doesnt contain that specific item?

As you can see (img: sss.png), im checking if the array “words” contains the variable “word to add”
and if the boolean is false, the variable shall be added to the array.

Im using a “for each loop” and the first check is as expected: false! (the array does not contain the item: 0)
but the other 3 checks say: true! (appearently the array contains the item: 1, but i never added it.) Same with loop 2 and 3.

some infos:
-i tried that function with a “for loop”
-i also tried “add item to array”, but nothing changed
-the array has already 4 empty elements.

Spent several hours so far. what im doing wrong?

thx for your help

solved it! The problem occures only when you use “text” arrays & execute a “contain” check. I switched to “string” array and it worked as expected!