Why does the Client render at 30fps in the Host's view?

Not sure if this is an animation or networking issue, but we noticed that the 2nd player looks like they are running at a lower framerate IN THE 1st PLAYER’S PERSPECTIVE.

In 2P’s view, everything is running at 60 and in 1P’s view everything EXCEPT 2P is at 60.

It becomes very noticeable at high speeds as 2P begins to spaz out.

Here is a clip to help explain:

That is a reported error isn’t the client runs at 30FPS is a problem when you use listen server and non dedicated server, reported like 1 or 2 years ago Epic looks like won’t fix it or just ignore it. That happen only when you see the clients from the server perspective. You can notic it even on the Tom Looman or any marketplace content is there and is a problem on replication.


Was there an official statement? I’m wondering if this is impossible to fix or Epic just has other priorities?

If we accepted 1 extra frame of lag in multiplayer, couldn’t they make the skeletal mesh blend between the past two frames to fake 60fps?

Unless you are specifically playing the animation via the network (not sure why you would ever do that), then they are played locally. This could probably just the significance system, which has been in since the early days of Paragon. As objects become less significant as Epic puts it, they reduce the animation playback rate for better performance.

Here is the documentation:…ficanceManager

As for the jittering - that is most likely caused by network smoothing (assuming the high speed movement is running through the normal character movement system and not by just setting the actors location). When characters move at high speed it’s more likely that the Server and Client will disagree on movement results (especially when they are running on different machines) and the client will be sent an adjustment. Try increasing the Max and No smoothing distance in the character movement component, and use the console commands to visualize the updates, such as “p.NetShowCorrections”

Thanks, we will look into this.