Why does the character going through the lift floor?

Hi guys! I have a problem I guess is simple to solve. When my character step up on the lift his feet are going throght the floor (the floor is made with a cube). When the lift starts to elevate the charcater follows but it looks like he wades, and if the character hits the bars in the shaft he goes through the whole floor. I just want to make the floor solid. Any ideas?

Check your collision overlaps. If your character has a capsule collision but your “mesh” isn’t placed properly inside, it won’t register the collision at the right point. So make sure the feet aren’t sticking out of the collision capsule. Alternatively, make sure your elevator’s collision box is properly aligned flush with the mesh.

Thank you! I changed collison presets to “block all” and now it works.

Cool! Glad it’s working. Can you mark this answer resolved. Thanks

Of course! But please tell me how?

I think if you click on the tab next to the answer it will give options to say a question was resolved.