Why does SphereRayCasting and RadialImpulse take a while to kick in?

Hey, I’ve essentially created a telekinesis blueprint that uses line traces and ‘addimpulse’ to detect, push, and pull cubes. The problem arises when I try to use a sphere line trace and radial add impulse to move many cubes around my character at once. What tends to happen is that the cubes wont move at all for as long as I’m standing still and holding right click (the key that the aoe push is bound to). However, if I move while holding right click, it might start throwing random cubes and leaving the rest until it works its way around to them. It also speeds up with throwing them away from the centre (as intended) when there aren’t many cubes in the radius.

Is there a way to have the aoe act on the cubes immiediately or at least the same time or is it a resource issue?

I’m running my UE4 on an SSD, I have 8gb of RAM, and I’m using a GTX 770 if any of that is needed.