Why does Spawn Actor error out when taking a class input?

[tweak] Improve SpawnActor Blueprint Node

When you put a class in the node everything work because the node get the name of the class:


But when you use a pin class the name of the class disappear but everything still work:


But, but, but, if you close and open the editor next time, they get a error compile!!! :frowning:


This is annoying!

They are a similar problem here:

Cause SpawnActor will spawn an Actor. So You need to Cast class as an Actor Class (not Object Class).

Hi S-ed, thanks… I have my own workaround. I am give me feedback to epic about Improve the SpawnActor Node because its behave is different when “pin” the class.


btw… can someone change the tittle post to "[tweak] Improve SpawnActor Blueprint Node ", thanks.