Why does saving my map/project wipe out my undo history?

So I’m going through this Unreal Sensei course and like a good computer user I save often. However we get to one point in the tutorial and he decide to undo several steps which would normal not be an issue. Except I had saved and now those undo options are gone.

This is bad!

I use a lot of different software and I don’t any of them do this. Just because I’m saving doesn’t mean I might not still want to go back to an earlier point in time. Fortunately this is only a tutorial, I’d be seriously grumpy if I was working on a project where manually going back steps was a lot of work.

Please keep our undo history at all times! The only time we should lose our history is if we close Unreal.

After some more messing around, I’ve found that saving seems to wiping out some ongoing things. beyond merely wiping my undo history, it also reverts my recent/working folders. This is quite frustrating so I hope it’s just temporary issue.