Why does resizing my destructible mesh affect how it crumbles?

I have a pillar that crumbles nicely to ground. Problem is when I resize/scale it, parts just bounce off each other and does not crumble and fall down naturally. Any idea on how to go over this?

Hey bryleeboy,

Are you scaling your Destructible Mesh inside a Blueprint? If so, that’s a known bug. For now, you’ll need to resize your mesh before making it a component of Blueprint.

Otherwise, please give us a step-by-step guide to recreating issue you’re experiencing, and we can see what adjustments you might need to make.

Hope that helps!

Thanks for replying Mr. , and sorry for late reply. No I haven’t converted it to a BP component. If i returned scale back to [X:1.0; Y:1.0; Z:1.0] simulation works just fine, pillar crumbles and falls naturally. Here is a step by step of what I did.

  1. In content browser > meshes > pillar_MSH, (right mouse click) > create destructible mesh
  2. (still in content browser > meshes) pillar_MSH_DM (right mouse click) edit
  3. dragged pillar_MSH_DM to scene
  4. set scale to [X:10.0; Y:10.0; Z:10.0]
  5. set settings of my destructible mesh:

  1. then simulate

Thank you, hoping to hear from you soon.


It seems you left out some steps there. At what point did you Fracture mesh? And what did you do after simulating to cause mesh to break? Did you enable physics? Anything else you might have done to make this work?


sorry, I did left out step where I enabled physics.

*under details:
i checked simulated physics and start awake

*under collision:
simulated and generate overlap events checked
collision preset is “blockAll”

as for fractures… umm… i used destruction mesh’s voronoi to cut it, and trial and error the “random seed” to find proper or legit placement of cuts. mesh is standing on a flat landscape mesh with collision also. I think if I turn on physics, gravity is applied to my pillar that’s why it crumbles down when i simulated it.

Thank you for replying so far >.<


It is a known issue (and a tricky one to fix) that destructible meshes don’t support non-uniform scaling. They should support uniform scaling though, as in your example. I’ve added this to our list to investigate, thanks for info.