Why does pawn stop working when adding Static mesh


I am having an issue when adding a Static Mesh to a Pawn, the Pawn works fine and runs all nodes in the event graph until a static mesh is added anywhere in the pawn. after that, nothing runs until i then take the static mesh back out.

The odd thing is that the pawn still works when a blank static mesh object is added to it, but only whilst it is blank and when a mesh is then assigned to the static mesh it stops working again.


could you provide some screenshots on the pawn logic? also the details on the pawn and the static mesh you are using

cant come up with anything, it looks simple enough to be broken by just a mesh. what if you use the debug filter? where does it stops working? the only reason of it not working is that the arrays lengths become 0 (as strange as it sounds), maybe a simple debug with that in mind?


Here i have the blueprint event graph

And here is it working without a mesh, i have simply added a print to show whether it works or not

And here, i have only added the mesh to the pawn and the print (and everything else in the code) stops working

The pawn itself is a pawn setup for a Vive and therefore i have set the base eye height to 0, this is the only default that has been changed. The mesh i am using is a super low poly child attempt at a gun just to get an eye for scale however any mesh i chose has this same issue and has since i began this project before adding the nodes to the graph

Thanks for the help.

I can just barely see that the “gun” mesh is set to block. Try getting rid of all collision to see if that fixes it.

That’d be my guess… not sure if you need collision, if so, customize it correctly. I’ve had issues in the past that was simply due to the mesh blocking visibility