Why does my UE crash when I try to load a landscape tile in open world creation

So in my Below map, I have 10 columns of 2017 x 2017 tiles and 10 rows of 2017 x 2017 tiles.

I can import in fine, However if I try to load say row 1 _X0_Y0 to X7_Y0 will load fine but when I hit _X8_Y0 it will crash. it is not a memory thing on my machine I have watched that its only using minute amount. Also with nothing loaded if I just try to load _X8_Y0 by itself it will crash. Same if I try _X9_Y0.

But I am able to load with no problem anything Tile _X0_Y0 to X7_Y0 down to _X0_Y7 to _X7_Y7

so basically 8 column by 8 row square. I have no idea why the last 2 rows or columns wont load

I have tried this on a brand new blank project with no first or third person and no starter content in both 4-26 and 4-27