Why does my set master pose component work in play mode but not in Matinee?

I need to record a skeletal mesh with an animation. This skeletal mesh has “modular” cloths so I need them to follow the animation too. I have an actor with my skeletal mesh and his cloths. I use the “set master pose component” node in the construction script to attach all the cloths to my “character” (the skeletalmesh that represents the body).
And this works well except when I try to use matinee. When I select my skeletal group by clicking on my actor and when I set an animation using matinee, the body follow the animation, unlike his cloths.
Other weird information, when I play the matinee sequence in the begin play of the actor, cloths follow the animation.
So, I need help :slight_smile:

Solved the issue by using sequencer instead.