Why does my ragdoll behave so strange?

Ok so I’m trying to make a ragdoll from a model I rigged using mixamo.

The ragdoll looks like this:

But when I simulate, It looks like this:

When the model was imported, It was really small so I had to scale it up a hundred times and when I was trying to create the physics asset, this dialogue came up:


I googled the problem and found that I needed to set the minimum bone size to something smaller. So i set it to a hundredth of the original value since I had scaled it up by a hudred.


I think that might a´have something to do with it but I don’t know. Have anyone had this problem? Does anyone know how to fix it?

Make sure none of the capsules overlap, just in case they responsible… some of them look like they might.

They do not overlap. They seem to want to be as far apart as possible.

Same problem. Tried exporting from Blender and Max. I thought maybe it’s an Engine bug, but the default mannequin works fine. Tried exporting in blender units, cm, and max units. Same problem every time. Bones just explode.

I faced with similar problem when I imported MakeHuman’s some model to UE4. I set world units scale in Blender to metric and 0.01 (scale) then I scaled up skeleton (ManuelBastioniLAB’s character) one hundred times and apply scale. After this I did not see such problem.