Why does my pawn lose all velocity when possessed mid air?

Hi all, first post here, I looked around for an answer and couldn’t find any so I figured I should ask.

I have two characters in my level and I’m switching between them using the Possess blueprint, but if I possess a pawn when the pawn is mid air or in any other type of movement it will lose all it’s velocity and stop in place.

Just as a note you need to tick the “run physics with no controller” character moment component for the character to move when you switch to the other character.

Any ideas why and how I can stop this from occurring?
Video of the issue Occurring:

I switch to my 2nd character and then back to the first and I’ve lost all my x, y velocity.

The Ue4 docs say nothing about this. https://docs.unrealengine.com/latest/INT/Gameplay/HowTo/PossessPawns/Blueprints/index.html

You can fix this by getting and setting the velocity to a variable and then setting the velocity just after you switch. I don’t see why this should need to be done but it works.