Why does my packaged game not transition levels properly?

Hi, so I completed my game with multiple levels, and the levels consist of a Main menu, the game itself and then an endgame screen. I try to use a button via UMG to open the next level and it doesn’t transfer me to my game. Using the standalone and the viewport in the editor, my game transitions fine, but when i package the game, it doesn’t let me switch. If someone can give me a response soon, that would be beneficial, thank you!

Your maps are probably not being cooked.

Navigate to Project Settings → Packaging and look for an option labelled “List of maps to include in a packaged build” and add all your maps there. You might have to expand some options using the Advanced Properties display arrow to find this setting.

This is generally the cause for all things like this.

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Thanks so much that was the answer to my problem. I thought the engine added the list of maps automatically, newbie error by me.