Why does my map feel small?

Hello fellas!

For the past year I’ve been working on my game in a local small world to make sure core functions work. However its now time to start the world design and I just cant get my head around it.

I’m aiming for a world roughly 18km squared if possible. This aint a Skyrim clone just a dune buggy with physics fun :D.

Every time i import a map from terrain party thats 18km squared i seem to be able to drive across it in minutes when infact it would take hours? I’ve read through the official documentation and I can safely say math isnt my strongest point. At all.

Can anyone help me out here? Just need a 18km squared landscape.

perhaps your character walk too fast? i doubt (not check) the default values are realistic but example “jump” isn’t clearly realistic.

hmm i remember i check that things for a RV project one year ago and must reduce considerably the walk/run speed for keep realistic.

4km/h its the typical walk speed of typical person. That mean 400 cm

Anyway at 6km/h (default one) from each extreme are 3 hours of realistic walk travel, no minutes, i not check that but if take minutes perhaps there some more. sure the landscape scale its right?

Ah thanks for the reply!. Its a hard thing to figure out, I’ve shrinked my player size down and its starting to feel right! However what are the downsides to shrinking the player?

Are you sure everything has been imported correctly? Try to switch to orthogonal view(Alt+J) and then press middle mouse to “measure” distance in units. 1 unit = 1cm

why shrinked the player? the player size its realistic, change the walk speed to something realistic 400 units, if still incoherent the travel times perhaps the wrong thing its the map scale. The default player scale its OK

Your right, the player scale is right, 180 units So its not my unit scale. Cheers for that nearly made a stupid mistake ^^

I just measured the map corner to corner at 283064 which is 1.7miles? **** I’ve got this really wrong lol

2.8km , 1.7milles

begin thinking in metric system its easy learn, more easy do the basic maths, its a international standard and the most important, UE4 use it, 1unit=1cm :slight_smile:

1 km = 1000m = 100.000cm or unreal unit