Why does My Get Hit Result Under Cursor by channel not work?

I want to get the object reference of a button when the button is clicked and from what i read this should work but it does nothing. pls help

I want to get the object reference of
a button

A reference of what button? You’re currently clicking on a button already. What’s the end goal here? Is there an actor under the button and you’re trying to click through a button?

okay so what im trying to accomplish are a infinite amount of save slots and save slots buttons. For that i have it set up in a way that a different button creates and adds a savegamebutton into a scrollbox and saves it as a object in a array into my settings savegame. Now what i need is to find a way to set the Slot of each button to a different savegame and i wanted to do that by simply saving the savegames to slots named after the button. But bc its not working i made this isolated button in the picture with no function other than testing.