Why does my game freeze when playing?

Hi, I started a new project and all I’m doing is scoping terrain right now. There are some really deep pits for large riverbanks and I tried jumping in them to see how deep they are, but like halfway through the fall the play mode freezes, I just press esc to exit and everything goes back to normal, but it’s happened multiple times.

I don’t think it’s my PC cause I’m using an HP omen 24 and test playing on the lowest possible settings. (my specs: OMEN by HP Desktop PC - 870-280 Product Specifications | HP® Customer Support)

So whats the problem? Am I sculpting the terrain too deep and its causing grief or what? Thanks for your help.

window>world settings>world>kill-z set it to something below your maps location. its designed as a fail-safe in case a player falls through the world.

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