Why does my frame rate die anytime I get close to a texture?

I’ve been messing around with editing textures for a mobile game. Seems like no matter what I do, every time my character gets close to a texture on a mesh, there’s a noticeable drop in frame rates, is this normal? What could be the reason for it?

EDIT: I have a feeling this may not have anything to do with the texture.

I have a simple rectangular wall, I applied the M_BrickWall material to it, then I went into the blueprint and broke all the links that connected to it. Still same issue. So…now I’m not sure where to look, I’ll continue experimenting and will post here if I figure it out but would really appreciate any feedback in the mean time.

This seems to happen with every texture/material I can find, even in spectator mode. Is this frame rate drop inevitable?

I tried running it in mobile preview on the computer and no drops, only when I run it on the phone, using a galaxy S3.

I have no experience with mobile games, but this is probably caused by the mip maps -> when you are far away from a texture, it uses a lower resolution - so when you get near an object, it will display the high res. texture.
Which texture resolutions do you use?

Thanks for the reply, even if I get rid of the texture so I basically just have a simple material, I still get the same issue; frame rate drops once you get close to the object.

I’m surprised I haven’t seen anyone else talk about this yet. I could start an empty map with just a cube and a light source, and when the character looks at the ground, frame rates drop. Perhaps this is unavoidable, I just want to understand why it’s happening.