Why does my foliage almost disappear when I move further away?

I’m doing a fly-through render and when I render far away from these Evermotion trees they lose detail -
My cinecamera has an LOD drop down with low-medium-high settings but it doesn’t appear to make a difference. I also turned off ‘auto compute LODs’ and set the LOD screen space on all meshes to 1, no difference, the trees themselves only seem to have LOD ‘0’. In the foliage painter there is a cull setting but that makes no difference either.
I’ve looked into LODs for the meshes, material settings and ‘Dithered LOD Transition’ supposedly when it’s not checked the instances will not fade out. Then I’ve read it’s down to the fact I’ve used the foliage painter which doesn’t read the ‘dithered LOD transition’, so I placed a separate tree without using the foliage tool and that also loses detail when I zoom out, but to a lesser extent than the foliage painted trees… I’ve looked into the World settings and rendering tab which has ‘default max distance’, ‘global distance field’, I’ve looked at cull settings in the foliage painter, as well as cull volumes, I’ve looked over my skylight and dynamic light settings… all to no avail…ARRGGHHHHHHH!!!.. can anyone please help?..