Why does my editor keep crashing?

I have a project I have been working on for a couple weeks. Tonight, it froze while I was compiling, and forced me to close it and restart. Now, it won’t open at all. It loads up, and then I get the “Send error report” screen pop up. I tried using a back up of the project, and it does the same thing. However, it will open an entirely different project without a problem. How do I fix this?

What you could try:
Before you open the project, delete manually all “Saved” and “Transient” folders.
There may be some corrupt data in there. All required data gets rebuilt on start, so the project could take a little longer to load for the first time again, but it should do so without problems.

Unless your default startup map file is corrupted. In this case, try to revert just the map file from an earlier version.

I tried reverting, but even the saves are causing it to freeze and shut down.

Have you looked at the log file(s) ?