Why does my clients character lag when using controller yaw rotation?

I am using the normal movement replication, and everything works fine unless “Use controller Rotation Yaw” is enabled, the clients character seems to fight against the servers version of it while moving sideways, resulting in a jittery, laggy movement for the clients. Why is this happening? I made sure the server knows that “Use controller Rotation Yaw” is enabled for the client, but even when its enabled by default the lag happens, and I can find out why.

Any help is really appreciated, thanks in advance!

see if you have replication to skeletal mesh and disable it try this!the movement replication will still work fine

I have the same problem, it all started with 4.18 before that everything worked fine.
Where can i find replication for skeletal mesh?

There seems to be another way by updateing the rotation manually:

But I didn’t tried it and still searching why it is broken since 4.18.

i guess your character has a skeletal mesh (if not ignore my mesage) go to the components of your charater bp and search for your skeletal mesh select it at the right there is an option (component replicates) if its true set it to false (untick) i was having the same problem and thats how i fixed it

I have the same problem, but I solved this by checking this two in CharacterMovementComponent