Why does my character respawn rotate the character 90 degrees?

When I respawn my character his rotation is changed by 90 degrees. At begin play my character is upright however when the character is destroyed and respawned he is rotated 90 degrees in the Y axis. Is this common? Is there a fix?
The characters moment is still the same i.e… If i press right the character moves right etc he is just lying on his side when he moves.


Can you include the bit of C++ or Blueprints you’re using for the respawn?

Hi RickyDay,

This is not common so I’d suggest migrating your character to a blank blueprint or C++ Third Person project adding it to a zip file and posting it here. If you do not want to post it publicly, you can send it to me via a private message through our .


Hi calembendell &

Thank you for responding.

I figured it out. I had to break the transform so that only the respawn location is effected not the rotation or scale.


Interesting issue. I’m glad you were able to work this out and thank you for posting your solution!