Why does my character dodge animation go back to its starting position, after animation plays and ends

My indie team, is currently developing the next action/adventure/ 3D Platformer and our game derives on a unique co-op, combat system with combos. In the link provided below, when you execute the dodge animation, by pressing spacebar, the animation returns to its starting position, instead of ending at the endpoint. I know this have something to do with root motion in UE4, that my team is overlooking. The rig already has a root bone at the top of the hierarchy, but something we’re not understanding about UE4 Root Motion. Furthermore, any animations that are in-place, works fine, such as walking in place, running in place, or even attack in place. But the moment when we implement an animation where the character moves from its origin, it goes back to it origin, which is not what we want obviously. I hope I am making perfect sense, and someone can help my team out by providing step by step guidelines of an example character with non in-place animations that uses root motion properly and executes properly. Images or even a video would be even better, that explains these procedures. I promise those who contribute and help us with a solution, can have a free copy of the game, once completed. This is the only thing that’s holding us back. Again, here is the link to our prototype build (Please help us. Thank You!! Also, don’t forget to download and extract, entire zip folder, before running executable):

Hi Quintin 12,

I’m downloading your file to take a look, but offhand I know this is related to the root motion not being implemented correctly by the description of the symptoms. Until I can have a closer look to verify the solution and give better instructions how to fix, be sure “root motion” is selected in the “Dodge” AnimSequence.



Can you send a zip file of just the character and all associated assets? If you do not want to post it here, you can send it to me in a private message on our : https://.unrealengine.com/index.php

Hi Quintin 12,

Since I haven’t heard back from you in a few days, I am closing this post for tracking purposes. However, if you would still like assistance with setting root motion for your Dodge AnimSequence, please supply the requested files as there are a number of ways to set up and implement root motion. For more general support, there are numerous videos on youtube showing how implement root motion in UE4. That, of course, is in addition to our official documentation on Root Motion which I assume you’ve already looked at.