Why does my car look like this in blender and then when i import it to unreal it looks like this?

hey everyone, i’m learning unreal engine and i’ve been messing around with this car model. I’m trying to figure out how to get this car to look like it does in blender in unreal engine, but whenever i import the car with the textures it doesn’t look the same.

If anyone knows what i’m doing wrong or has any tips i’d really appreciate it! thanks!

It would be helpful if you´d provide screenshots of your materials.
By default, Unreal doesn´t just copy your material settings from Blender. Those are two very different systems. You can get Plugins that translate Blender Materials to Unreal Materials tho.

However, it looks to me like you need to retouch your materials. The metalness and glossiness of your chase. The transparency and reflectiveness of your glass etc etc.

MondRubberduck is right about how its not as simple as export / import.

I’ve never played around with that level of detail in blender (shine & gloss, looks sweet). I’m a basic colour guy, so I’m wondering if the car is a single ‘material’ or do you have multiple materials for different sections (ie the windows, tire, tire rim etc).

If it’s a single material I can’t offer help but if you have multiple materials for each part I can explain some stuff but it would be a little lengthy.