Why does my camera's rotation reset after minutes of idle?


I’m having the following issue:

I’ve got a camera in the scene which loads via ‘Set view target with blend’ on level begin play. The camera works, but once I leave the game idle, after about 6 minutes the camera’s rotation resets to 0,0,0 all by itself.

Does someone know how I could resolve this issue?

Thanks in advance.

need to see the screen shots of the blueprints of how the camera is set. Screen shots of in-game play would also be helpful. Before and after the “camera” reset.

After weeks of digging I think I’ve finally solved this.

The camera switching is actually a bit of red herring. The actual issue is that the default player pawn gets destroyed and when it does, it resets the camera rotation.

Upon further digging, I found that the actual item that gets destroyed is the PlayerStartPIE - so I just dropped a player start into the level and the camera no longer resets.

I hope that this answer solves it for anyone who might come across this issue later. It took me days :frowning: