Why does my build not show a specific Static Mesh?

Hi there! I have used UDK while I was in school. Now I am working on my skills in the Unreal 4 engine, so I would consider myself a bit of a newer user when it comes to advanced techniques.

I have created a level using Modular pieces modeled in Maya and then imported into the Engine. Every other static mesh works within the build (Collision, Materials, etc.) The build states that lighting needs to be rebuilt, however I have rebuilt multiple times to no avail. The game plays great in Engine, but sucks in the build due to the missing art assets.

If anyone could provide a bit of guidance in the way of this issue I would really appreciate it!

Thank you for your time!

Are the textures you used for your static meshes the same throughout?
And did they import properly into UE4?

The Crystals are UVed, but the platform underneath them are simply cubes. I created the assets quickly in Maya (Freeze Transform, Delete History) then I imported them into the engine.

The Meshes imported correctly into the engine. I did not import any separate Textures, just the materials on the mesh during the import.