Why does my bool not return false?

I have a public bool set to true by default. I have an overlap event setup which checks overlap between the Player and an AI actor. The bool is stored in a pickup actor. So within my AI actor I have an overlap event which detects when the Player overlaps. I have a overlap check between the AI actor and the Player which works fine. I print the bool return value to the screen after the overlap event ticks. Basically when the bool is true it prints true (correct), here is the issue, when my bool is set to false within a different BP (remember the bool is public), instead of printing false it simply does not print anything to the screen… any ideas?


You sure you setting right in object? open console (Window->Development Tool->Output Log) and type in “displayall NameOfBlueprint_C NameOfVarable” and you will see all instances of that varbale in all objects that exist