Why does my blueprint start having issues when I add more nodes?

I think we’ll need to see those blueprints to help.

As I have been adding more functionality to my player blueprint I’ve noticed that the character doesn’t play the same when testing as I start adding nodes. This is odd to me because the character can be controlled with both mouse/ keyboard and a wired controller and seemingly random parts of the blueprint with fail to work as intended. The first issue I had was that the player could crouch when using a controller (keyboard worked fine) when a branch was set up to stop it doing so. I fixed this by separating my event graph into two parts, The segments with event tick and without event tick. I now have an issue where climbing a wall can be triggered normally using a controller but the player just bounces when using a mouse and keyboard. This new issue started happening after I added a timeline node. It causes the issue if it’s connected to anything or just sat on the event graph page.

It’s not letting me upload the images at the moment for some reason but i’ll keep trying to get them uploaded.

This is the main event graph.

This is the tick event graph.

The two functions for the climbing mechanic.

Sorry I lost your thread a while back.
I cant see whats wrong but I can say that putting Delay nodes in any execution path from the Tick or InputAxis events will tend toward unpredictable behavior. however the parts they affect have nothing to do with the problem you stated.

Can you show us the Timeline part of the code which causes you such trouble?