Why does my blendspace walk skip back?

Very new to Unreal and third person character movement is causing me anxiety. I find many tutorials regarding character setup and movement use quite different approaches so it causes much confusion. I’m using a Mixamo character and with the help of Unreal tutorials I have my character walking. Awesome. But she skips back during the walk blendspace animation and I can’t figure out why.


I replaced the Mixamo animations with the stock animations and recreated the blendspace. It works fine. So something is wrong with the animations I downloaded from Mixamo. Seeing as I want my girl to walk like a girl, I need to figure out how to get other animations to work

OK so I figured it out. I didn’t understand the “In Place” option on Mixamo was more than just a preview option. By selecting “In Place” Unreal incorporates the forward movement animations correctly.

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