Why does my animation move me backwards after it's finished playing?

Hi, I’m trying to make my player slide but when the I press the slide button it works as normal, the animation plays, then the player snaps back a bit. I have root motion enabled and I’ve tried using a couple of different methods like using an anim montage and having root motion disable but it still keeps snapping back, anyone know how to fix it?

Is Root Motion enabled on the Animation Asset itself?

I think so, it’s checked on all the boxes in UE4, and the animation I’m using is the Running Slide animation from Mixamo

There are two separate things here. First does your animation actually have a root motion track? Second is your AnimBlueprint set to extract/consume root motion? (assuming the anim has it). If the character is snapping back to it’s position in PIE mode then it sounds like your animation has root motion but the anim blueprint is not properly configured to extract it.

The best explanation for this is in the unreal docs

When viewing the animation in the editor, you can check “Process Root Motion” and see it in the Persona preview window.

*There is a checkbox to specifically enable root motion on the asset. (And of course the animation must be authored with root motion)

I don’t know if the animation I downloaded was authored with an root motion track, how would I check that? I don’t have any animation software, but the animation is this one Mixamo

How would I set the blueprint to extract/consume root motion? This is all I have in the blueprint to play the animation.

And ‘Enable Root Motion’ is definitely checked in the anim asset

Mixamo animations aren’t actually compatible with root motion by default, you’ll have to add a root bone:

Brilliant, got it working, thank you!