Why does move to stop working in behavior tree

so i have a behavior tree that has a vanilla “move to” and then two hit reactions that abort it. the problem is that after my enemy gets knocked back, usually twice to do it, the move to stops working. it doesn’t stop executing in the behavior tree, the tree still runs fine, but the character just stops moving. after a lot of trial and error i have found the specific bit of logic that i think is the culprit, but i still dont know why its happening or how to fix it. in my knockback reaction task, i have a delay in there before i set the hit react and knockback variables to false(these are used in the decorators gating the hit react tasks), if i remove this delay, the move to works appropriately. any clues as to why this is happening would be greatly appreciated! btw, it isn’t the destination i am setting on the move to, i tried setting that to a consistent spot in the level and the it was still happening after the knockback.

i figured out the culprit, it was actually two things. in the attack task, i had a “on montage end” event that i was triggering execute finish off of, apparently thats no good. and in the hit reaction i had the decorator bools being set in the anim blueprint driven by a notify event in the hit react animation, also apparently no good. so that brings me to a new question - what is the best way to finish a task based on animation? also, i still dont understand why that was causing the “move to” to get stuck, so any clues about that would be appreciated.