Why does metahumans include so many assets

As part of developing my game I have in mind, I created my metahuman (male, tall, normal weight) and downloaded it to my project. Now, since I am a total noob at game development, I was trying to look into how metahuman assets were built and noticed that a lot of female different body proportion assets were downloaded. These are mostly present in the Common folder.

For eg., I have /Game/MetaHumans/Common/Female/Medium/NormalWeight/Body/f_med_nrw_animbp.uasset which is of a complete different body type from my metahuman. When I tried to check why it was present using the Reference Viewer I got the following result

The arrow marked asset is the closest to my metahuman and that asset is referenced by asset in the “metahuman name” folder, Auro in this case which is expected.


Why is it like this? I would have preferred to preview the same skeletal mesh everywhere. Moreover, by using skeletal meshes that I will never use, it seems to me like it just adds to the project bloat. Sure, I can rework to point things to the correct mesh, but things will revert back if I ever need to re-export the metahuman.

Is this intended? If not, is there a fix planned?