Why does it take so long to install Unreal engine?

Widows 8.1,AMD A-8 6410 APU processor,8 GB RAM.
It takes so long to install UE4, WHY?

You mean laucher or UE from laucher?

Hi Gamu59,

A version of the Engine is usually between 11 to 12 GBs, so most of the installation time is spent downloading that content. Depending on your internet speed, it can take some time.

If you are experiencing an error where the download percentage is hanging or restarting, post back here to let us know.



Unreal Engine is very good, but it taks up a lot of space on you computer downloading Assets to Sounds to the actual thing! Like TJ said, it may take awhile, depending on your speed.

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Also as networking and disk speed effect install, waiting is just apart of the process.

So, i’m guessing like 30 minutes


i have that problem it keeps restarting downloads(684mb), it wont stop that please help