Why does it take so extremely long to delete something?


it can take 10 minutes or more if I delete a folder in UE. Why does this take so extremely long? I cannot delete it in the explorer, because then it misses the folder if I restart UE.

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The engine has dependencies which is why it takes too long, its an Unreal thing, i never had issue deleting or moving folders in unity. Its a bloated big software were the undo is unpredictable and renaming a folder could destroy your project.

I would suggest to just be patient always backup and always right click and run “fix up directories” on folders every time you do anything with them. Just wait it out. its the safest bet.

Is that your excuse while you spend ten minutes rendering something before deletion? Why is my GPU rendering on delete? Just delete files not hard yet takes ten minutes or more to delete a file and uses full gpu render while it’s doing it. SUSPECT to me. Just delete the file.

Seems more like your stealing the asset before i delete it, why am i waiting so long, and why are you using so much gpu power just to delete files in there own folders from projects. You I.T people reek of NO GOOD, your upto something spies arn’t you. no reason something should take this long just delete files, your clouding all information right and force delete you need to get one of your little help desk people to remove it so they render it all save it then delete it, thats why im waiting right.
15 minutes to delete an asset i was working on, as usual this editor ports assets in with a ton of errors and when they require a complete deletion it takes more then 15 minutes using full render of the gpu, all it should be doing is deleting a file set within a file tree what a load of BS about renaming, to what the whole file is being deleted whats it being renamed to, your file set of names while you render it all then delete it. Other editors don’t require 15 minutes to delete files.
You people are children right, deleting posts moderating any comment made by anyone. You I.T people are a joke only your opinion counts right? I have done nothing wrong making a comment, you can’t delete posts you don’t agree with. i have an issue with your deletion i am allowed to comment on it and what i think is going on, clearly your moderation teams want to hide something because they quickly remove any comment made why is that?

Your all the same moderators on every platform right, You all act the same way, think your own opinion on the matter is correct and silence anyone else who thinks otherwise, it takes 2 minutes to add the files 15 minutes to delete it and it’s rendering something why i have every right to know whats going on with my PC my power my bills i pay for the content i use and the service i pay for, yet you feel the need to control peoples comments you and that facebook mob you have no right, i been using the internet over 30 years way before your platform even was thought of yet your polices have become a joke silencing any critic with harsh system wide bans because people are suspect on what the program is doing, why is it taking 15 minutes to delete a file i add into the editor in 2 minutes, no other editor take this long to delete and for sure doesn’t use the amount in render power to do it. WHAT ARE YOU HAVING MY MACHINE RENDER ON DELETION FOR 15 minutes?
What is this doing rendering a bitcoin? explain why it needs 15 minutes full render of my gpu to delete a file?
Don’t ban me for asking questions even if you don’t like them, i have every right to ask WHAT IS HAPPENING!
Apparently i’m abusive using dictionary words, they filter every word even non cuss words the bots ban or warn me for any small slang word. I’m Australian half my language is made up of slang words yet ban or filter half of what i say because you deem it’s rude, it’s like non offensive conversation in these parts you deem so offensive. It’s offensive to be Aussie on the internet slang words that are common in use are not acceptable, well i suggest you don’t come to my country if you find our words so offensive you deem them to be censored from the world. Can i say BS! lord help me if i say any other version of those two words they must be abbreviated because the adults act like small children concerning some slang words used during conversations about issues with the editor.
My occasional slang word used is way more important to crack down on then actually answering the question.

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Strewth mate!