Why does it have to be so difficult to make the character look at the player?!

I mean, look at my thread here:

After struggling to make the character look at the player with decent clamp so he’s head won’t look like he is possessed or something, now i see that in order do make him look at the player that he is not on 0 0 0 world rotation, i need to start calculating rotations using it’s parent bone ( neck ) and don’t know how to make it work, and more, now the clamp is messed up too, isn’t there a normal sane way to make the character look at the player from any angle? it seems like such a simple and basic thing to ask, yet it is a nightmare to implement it.

And i can’t find anything on the net about it, am i the only one who tried to make a character look at the player while that character moves? this is just such a basic thing in a game and i can’t get it to work! Epic staff please help me with this one, this is important to have a guide for it in some place…

Well if you think about it from a different perspective turning a head to look_at would be the same thing as a turret.
The tutorial uses the root of a static mesh but you could convert it to use bones.


In the Blueprint sample there is a sentry camera that uses the same AI (static mesh once again).

Tried some more stuff and still, it depended on the rotation relative to the world, i have no idea why…

Not there yet but I believe you have to first convert the component to local.

See Space conversion

It’s not hard with the Look At node: